The Dementia Monologues

Adding It All Up


Two Down

The Dementia Doctor


The Taxi Driver

It's Not Rocket Science!


A discussion about the social, ethical and medical
issues surrounding dementia.


On Thursday 5 June 2014 audiences at Live Theatre were some of the first to see five short films by writer Fiona Evans highlighting issues surrounding dementia at an exclusive screening at the Theatre.

Created in 2012 to coincide with Fiona’s show Geordie Sinatra, a dark comedy that gets under the skin of dementia by exploring the loving, yet tangled relationship between a father and daughter, Fiona conducted a series of workshops in two Newcastle homes whose residents have dementia and Alzheimer’s. During this time she worked with patients and carers gathering stories and personal experiences which were used as inspiration to create these five short films which were all directed by Live Theatre’s Artistic Director, Max Roberts. 

The films, which were made possible with funding from the Maudsley Charity, aim to address some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this disease and add to the knowledge available.

Writer, Fiona Evans said:

“The monologues were developed as an educational tool to spark debate around dementia. Each narrative is inspired by a real person, experience or story. So although the monologues highlight specific issues relating to dementia, I was keen to draw attention to the personal experiences of people affected by the disease, be they patients, carers, lovers, friends or family.”

David Blazey, Head of Social Inclusion & Recovery Projects and Head of Grants, Maudsley Charity added:

“The Maudsley Charity funds a lot of work which is predominantly carried out with people who are within the mental health system. A lot of that work deals with the power of story.

“Following on from Fiona’s play Geordie Sinatra, we felt there should be a legacy, something that could reach a wider audience and be used as an educational tool. Fiona’s films show, in a very sophisticated way, how you can tell stories that are very rich in what they contain but also in their potential to open up conversations and discussions.

“What makes the films special is that they aren’t telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, they are just telling you as it is. What has been produced has been far greater than we imagined and I think Fiona and everyone who worked on the films should be congratulated.”

Writer Fiona Evans and Live Theatre’s Chief Executive Jim Beirne were joined after the screening by an expert panel including Ian McKeith (Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at Newcastle University), Cathy Bailey (Senior Research Fellow at Northumbria University) and Lucy Craig (Managing Director of Craig Healthcare) to discuss the social, ethical and medical issues surrounding dementia.

You can now watch The Dementia Monologues films above. Anyone interesting in using the films as an educational resource should contact info@live.org.uk for further information.

The workshops were supported by New Writing North and Newcastle City Council. Geordie Sinatra was a co-production with Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough in association with New Writing North. The films were shot on location at the Connie Lewcock resource centre with the help and support of the Alzheimer's Society and Newcastle City Council.